Creating Connections / Connecting Creations

WATARI Inc. is a network of skilled bilingual translators and consultants offering a range of services to not only help support Japanese creators and makers to reach across to a worldwide market, but also create meaningful and accessible routes to Japanese goods for consumers across the globe. We promise to remain true to local values on a global scale. Our goal is to create a marketplace of connections which will give birth to greater understanding and respect. At present, we are focused on our main business of translation, as well as, a Japanese music promotion project (watari tunes), a net radio show dedicated to introducing Japanese music and art (watari rajio), and a project to promote Japanese arts and crafts (watari crafts). We also have a house (watari lodge) located in central Nagano Prefecture that is perfect for getaways of all kinds.


communicate the meaning...not just words and sentences

When it comes to the translation of ideas and information between languages, many people tend to look to machines for speed and ease. But the results are usually poor at best and most often laughable. The problem is in the subtle nuances, history and culture that lie beneath simple words and sentences. There is no replacement for human experience and knowledge when conveying the true meaning of words and sentences. We at WATARI have the bilingual knowledge base and experience to “translate” ideas and information without losing meaning. This knowledge and experience allows us to go beyond literal translation to "creative translation"; making sure the message is dynamic and meaningful.

知識と経験があるバイリンガルスタッフ 意味のある生きている翻訳


Kelton boyer

Kelton Boyer

Japanese-English Translation
(IT, Technical, Arts and Literature, Advertising)
Masato Nakamura
Manager, Translator

Masato Nakamura

English-Japanese Translation
(Legal, Business, Dispute Management)
Kan Hirano
Art and Design Director

Kan Hirano

Art & Design
(Illustration, Logo, Portrait, Murals, Paint Performance)
Noboru Yamabe
Web/App Producer

Noboru Yamabe

Web and App Creation
(Breaking stuff apart and restructuring it)
Emi Yonekubo
Drummer, Translator, Interpreter

Emi Yonekubo

Japanese-English Translation/Interpretation
(News, Television, Sports, Music, Events)
Miz Fukuda
Guitarist, Photographer, Video Creator

Miz Fukuda

Photograph, Video Creation, Acting
(Music related videos and photos)

music project
watari tunes

Music Feeds the Soul

Although Japanese electronics, culinary delights and the pop cultures of anime and manga have spread throughout the globe, there still remains whole sectors of Japanese culture that have remained somewhat underground and untranslated. One such area is the independent music scene and the artists creating it. Our first project at WATARI is to shine light onto some of the musicians that make this scene so vibrant. We will be creating a special WATARI MUSIC PROJECT (watari tunes) site dedicated to telling their stories and introducing their music and lyrics. Please use this form to sign up for new info as we progress in bringing this exciting part of Japan to you.

  • Encounter Local Sounds of Japan
  • Take a Step Into the Japanese Heart
  • Broaden Your Perspective


Help Make "watari tunes" a Reality

Trying to kick off some new project is always difficult especially when funding is limited. After long debate we have decided to start that the best way to raise funds while maintaining our style by selling merchandise designed by us and our friends. We at WATARI really want to make our first project, our MUSIC PROJECT a reality. The money we receive from purchase of goods here will be used to do just that. Please help us by purchasing items you like and by spreading the word to friends and family.


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